Features of the Premium Selection Bass Drums

Drum Shells & Hoops

All shells and hoops get produced individually according to customer wishes in a perfect combination of hand-made and CNC high precision machining. The following materials are available:

  • Plywood with 8 plys, 7,0mm in 9 different wood types: maple, birch, beech, ash, chestnut, mahogany, bubinga, wenge, padouk.
  • Composite Fibre Shells 1mm Carbon fibre, glas fibre, carbon-kevlar hybrid, carbon-glas-Hybrid.
  • The hoops can be coloured black different to the outer finish.

Other shell thicknesses and reinforcing hoops are available without upcharge!

Tension Lugs & claws

  • Stainless steel tension screws and tension lugs with integrated screw lock, optimized for the deepest sounds.
  • Massive tension claws made of stainless steel with rubber inlay to avoid scratching of the bass drum hoops.

Bass Drum Legs

Drum heads

We offer every drumhead of the Evans portfolio. For batter heads we recommend:

  • G1 coated: Jazz & Classics
  • EQ4 clear: Multipurpose, Rock & Metal

... and the following resonant heads:

  • EQ1 black with silver SB logo
  • EQ1 coated with black SB logo
  • EQ4 frosted with black SB logo
  • EQ4 clear with black SB logo

These drum heads provide a very open sound which can be damped additionally. It is important to know that reducing damping in predamped heads is not possible.


All sizes up to 40" are possible, because every shell is a unique custom production.

Depending on the Material there are for sure some limitations. Often used sizes are:

  • Diameter 18 | height 14 / 16 / 18
  • Diameter 20 | height 16 / 18 / 20
  • Diameter 22 | height 16 / 18 / 20
  • Diameter 24 | height 16 / 18 / 20

Damping Spurs

To have damping only in that region where it is needed is the purpose of our so called damping spurs. By this you can put damping to both drumheads individually without taking away too much sound.

Of course you can add a mass in the center to have a more dry bass drum sound, but you will not need any damping of the shell because it has very low, not disturbing natural tones.

Integrated Microphone Support

The perfect solution for closed bass drums:

  • Easy to assemble through plug and play.
  • isolated against impact noise.
  • Secure and durable microphone fixation.
  • All common positions of the microphone are possible.
  • Perfect, deep bass drum sound.

For our SUB BASS AMP there is also a version available for pressure zone microphones, for deep, abyssal bass drum sound.

Sub Bass Amp

Unlimited possibilities will come to you with the Sub Bass Amp. By that drum you can add some more tones to your bass drum sound to provide more power, volume and or sustain.

In live performances you can use a switch to select between 2 bass drum sounds. The following sizes are available:

  • Diameter 20 | height 9,8
  • Diameter 22 | height 9,8
  • Diameter 24 | height 9,8

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