Features of the Premium Selection Effect Drums

Drum Shells & Drum Parts

Effect Drums provide a big variety of sounds to you. For sure we use the same shell materials and drum parts that we use for tom toms and bass drums.

Pipe Drums

These single headed drums have a very percussive, accented sound. The pitch of the tone gets influenced mainly by the length of the length of the pipe.

Additional to standard hoops we offer special hoops made of solid stainless steel. They make it possible to play rimshots with the bearing, comparable to a bongo drum.

The following sizes are available:

  • Diameter 6" | length 280mm
  • Diameter 6" | length 301mm
  • Diameter 6" | length 343mm
  • Diameter 6" | length 390mm
  • Diameter 6" | length 443mm
  • Diameter 6" | length 472mm
  • Diameter 6" | length 536mm
  • Diameter 6" | length 600mm

Gong Drum

A Gong Drum is very useful in order to get accented sub-bass sounds. Tuned very deep, these drums have very short but powerful impulse. We recommend Evans Resonant Glass drum heads, which sound very deep and clear because of their very thin thickness of 7,5mil.

Available sizes are:

  • Diameter 20" | depth 14" | for very short accents.
  • Diameter 20" | depth 16" | standard size.
  • Diameter 20" | depth 18" | for longer Sustain

Sub Bass Amp

Unlimited possibilities will come to you with the Sub Bass Amp. By that drum you can add some more tones to your bass drum sound to provide more power, volume and or sustain.

In live performances you can use a switch to select between 2 bass drum sounds. The following sizes are available:

  • Diameter 20" | height 9,8"
  • Diameter 22" | height 9,8"
  • Diameter 24" | height 9,8"

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