Features of the Premium Selection Tom Toms

Drum Shells

All shells and hoops get produced individually according to customer wishes in a perfect combination of hand-made and CNC high precision machining.

The following materials are available:

  • Plywood with 7 plys, 6,3mm in 9 different wood types: maple, birch, beech, ash, chestnut, mahogany, bubinga, wenge, padouk.
  • Composite fibre shells 1mm Carbon fibre, glas fibre, carbon-kevlar hybrid, carbon-glas-Hybrid.

Other shell thicknesses and reinforcing hoops are available without upcharge!

Tension Lugs

Tension hoops

High-quality die cast hoops ensure very precise and stable tuning. The following finishes are available:

  • silky matt brushed
  • polished high gloss
  • black chrome
  • anodized black
  • gold plated

We recommend die cast but if you wish we can also deliver 2,3mm power hoops in 2 finishes:

  • high-gloss chrome
  • black chrome

Drum heads

We offer every drumhead of the Evans portfolio. For batter heads we recommend:

  • G1 coated: Jazz & classic
  • G1 clear: Multipurpose
  • G14 clear: Rock & Metal

... and the following resonant heads:

  • G1 clear: Multipurpose
  • Genera resonant: more tone and sustain
  • Resonant glass: more ton, less Sustain

These drum heads provide a very open sound which can be damped additionally. It is important to know that reducing damping in predamped heads is not possible.


All sizes up to 40" are possible, because every shell is a unique custom production.

Depending on the Material there are for sure some limitations. Often used sizes are:

  • Diameter   8" | height 7" / 8"
  • Diameter 10" | height 8" / 9" / 10"
  • Diameter 12" | height 9" / 10" / 12"
  • Diameter 13" | height 10" / 12" / 13"
  • Diameter 14" | height 11" / 12" / 14"
  • Diameter 16" | height 13" / 14" / 16"
  • Diameter 18" | height 14" / 16" / 18"

Tom mounting system

Total oscillation isolation thanks to the Triple Isolated Mounting System:

  • The consequent improvement of known, isolated mounting systems: the triple isolated mounting system of SB Drums designed for tom toms, floor tom legs and bass drum legs cares for a complete isolation from outer influences and therefore is the guarantee for a perfect sound.

Mounting clamps

You can choose between our own developed High-Precision Clamp or the universal Gibraltar 10.5mm clamp:

  • The new developed mounting clamp by SB Drums has no joints, because it is made of one solid piece. Hereby we ensure a secure assembly.
  • The high precision together with the elaborate memory-clamp ensure a reproducible positioning.
  • We offer special L-rods for rack assembly and for assembly in the most common tom-holders and stands.

Floor Toms

In order to ensure that even floor toms will produce a maximum of sound all floor tom legs are assembled without shell contact with the Triple Isolated Mounting System

The following sizes are available:

  • Diameter 14" | height 11" / 12" / 14"
  • Diameter 16" | height 13" / 14" / 16"
  • Diameter 18" | height 14" / 16" / 18"

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