The advantages of the Premium Selection custom drums

The Premium Selection Series was developed with the target to create drums with highest quality, without compromises and up to the smallest detail.

We understand such a drumset as a musical instrument which can fulfill any sound whishes of the drummer, has a very long lasting lifetime and which always looks and works as good as at the first day... even after decades

Our drums get developed and produced in Germany in order to guarantee that only highest quality will get to you.


High-quality components made of high-grade stainless steel: Extremly robust and still looking elegant.

Our goal to develop drums which offer highest quality in every detail inevitably leads to the material high-grade stainless steel. Only this material meets all our requirements for perfect drum parts:

  • Very low wear to ensure perfect performance on the road.
  • Highest stability together with low weight.
  • Visually aesthetic finish, even after decades.

The following variants are available:

  • silky matt brushed
  • polished high gloss
  • black chrome
  • anodized black
  • gold plated

All stainless steel components are made in Germany!


Drum shells of the highest quality from all around the world

As a specialist for drum parts and hardware made of stainless steel we rely on specialists for drum shells to unite their drum shells with our parts to perfect instruments. Therefore no sound wish remains unfulfilled, because we can offer a huge variety of shells to you.

  • Ply-wood and solid wood shells from Italy made by CVL in 9 types of wood. All shells get machined on high precision machines to our specification.
  • Stave-wood solid shells made in Germany by Richter Drums, highest quality, handmade.
  • Metal-shells from our own production, made in Germany.
  • Stone composite shells made by Stonedge Drums Finland. The all new material made of compressed stone dust with fantastic sound.
  • Carbon, kevlar and glas fiber shells from the world market leader Ming made in taiwan, produced to our specifications.


Extremely precise and durable cast thanks to the new Steady Tension System.

  • The SB Drums tension screws ensure a more precise tuning due to their 32% finer thread and the precise screw heads with hexagon socket.
  • The integrated screw lock avoids loosening of the tension screws at deeply tuned drums. You can recognize this by the remarkably higher resistance when turning the screws. Remember: Something which turns in hardly will hardly turn out.
  • The slim and high-strength tension screws of industry standard stainless steel are very elastic and therefore they can compensate better (temperature, rim-shots, wear of the head...) The tuning stability gets improved remarkably.


The all new Continuously Variable Snare Strainer.

  • The perfect snare sound, repeatable in any situation, that is something only continuously variable snare strainers can do.
  • The SB Drums strainer is optimized ergonomically: It gets adjusted just by turning your hand and you can read the adjusted value (1 to 5) from any position.
  • Combined with a traditional snare strainer on the butt end side you have a true parallel strainer, which can be switched off very quickly with the left hand.


Triple Isolated Mounting System: total oscillation isolation.

  • The consequent improvement of known, isolated mounting systems: the triple isolated mounting system of SB Drums designed for tom toms, floor tom legs and bass drum legs cares for a complete isolation from outer influences and therefore is the guarantee for a perfect sound.
  • The new developed mounting clamp by SB Drums has no joints, because it is made of one solid piece. Hereby we ensure a secure and reproducible assembly.

6. NEW!

4 unique custom drum part designs for even more choice at the same price!

Classic Lug Design.

Impact on the sound:

Focused sound with much bass and warmth, perfect in order to use for studio recording and medium to loud playing.

Light Lug Design.

Impact on the sound:

Very open with rich overtones and sensitive response, ideal for live performances at small club locations and light to medium playing.

Tube-Lug Design.

Impact on the sound:

Focused sound with much bass and warmth, perfect in order to use for studio recording and medium to loud playing.

Retro-Tube-Lug Design.

Impact on the sound:

Dry and accented vintage drum sound with slightly higher pitch, perfect for traditional rock sounds.


Design Your Drumset! For free!

A unique drumkit, exactly designed to your imagination? No problem!

Just send an email to us with a precise description how your dreamkit should look like and we will send a photo realistic picture within 24h to you.

And the best of it: It is totaly for free and unbinding.

contact: Vertrieb@SBDrums.de

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