Sascha Biwersi about SB Drums:

What is the story behind SB Drums?

It all started when I built my first Solid Maple Wood Snare Drum in 1998 at the age of 17. I decided to study mechanical engineering in order to understand and to optimize the physics and technology behind my favorite instrument.

I quickly realized that you can only be successful among the many drum manufacturers in the world, if one makes not only good, but excellent work. Therefore I set myself the goal to build instruments of the highest quality, without compromise, very durable at a reasonable price.

Since the physics of the drums is anything but trivial, I have had many "aha-experiences" and I have worked for over 10 years on ideas, made calculations, made conecpt drafts, designed and built prototypes and so on. All this showed me what a drumkit could be...

A major problem in this issue is that you must have this "aha-experiences" by yourself and therefore I must eliminate some common misconceptions to understand why these ideas are actually an improvement ...

It seems to me that many manufacturers are almost desperately looking for a breakthrough innovation of their drums to sting out from the crowd. So you can often find solutions, which unfortunately did not really help the drummer within his problems. But this raises an important question:

What do we invent and which problems do we want to solve with it?

"Nothing that nobody ever solved" one could argue here. If you look at our first work, the Premium Selection series you recognize a lot of small detailed solutions which solve problems that different manufacturers have been working on, too.

From known solutions like screw locks to avoid loose screws in low-tuned drums, fine thread screws for a precise tuning, a great functioning, vibration isolated mounting system, to all new solutions such as our fully adjustable snare strainer, the mounting clamp made of 1 (!) piece, Bass Drum damping spurs to adjust your damping efficiently on to the use of high quality stainless steel for all parts, this series offers a sophisticated drum according to the best knowledge of German engineering. Nothing more, nothing less.

But, the biggest problem drummer nobody has solved yet: tuning a complete drumkit in no time, so that the sound is exactly what the drummer would like to have in his current situation ...

In my office desk there is a solution for exactly this problem, which I have also filed for patent ... But first we need to get some "aha-experiences" in the video series "The Science of Drums". Another highlight will be our hardware series, where you can have much pleasure working as a mechanical engineer ... It will be fascinating.

Who are we?

Since it is very difficult to work as a "one-man show" I'm glad that I found people who share my enthusiasm for building and developing Drums and help me to achieve our goals. Therefore, at this point my special thanks go to my mother, my wife Steffi, Thomas Beck, Uwe Edinger and Oliver Mohr.

Furthermore, I thank all our business partners, who always give their best to meet our high quality standards. These include CVL from Italy, Richter drums from Germany, StonEdge from Finland and Ming Drums from Taiwan.

Of course, I also count with our busy endorsers who infect many drummers with their enthusiasm for our drums.

What are our goals?

Our slogan "Music Meets High Tech" fits very well: To develop a musical instrument which achieves its unrivaled spectrum of sound and its superb feel through the use of high-precision manufacturing techniques and modern product development.

If a drummer thinks of high-end drums and his first thought is "SB Drums", we have achieved this goal ...

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